Kool Question Of The Day


42%of woman get this wrapping gifts

A . Get a paper cut

It’s take 3 hours to do this for Christmas

A. Clean the house

75% of us don’t buy this  for Christmas

A. Can Snow

91% of  us still have this from our Christmas past


a great stocking stuffer candy in the late 70’s early 80’s

A. Whistle Pop

81% of us use these more at Christmas

A.Christmas Totes

88%of want this for Christmas

A. A white Christmas

Kid use these more during the Holidays

A. Clothes pins

33% of us would never do this for any amount of Money.

A. Give up our seat on a Plane

33% of have cried about this over Christmas

A. Bathroom scale

87% of us wait till this weekend to do this

A. Clean The House for the Holidays

71% of us have this old decoration

A. Those Plastic  molded  Santa’s

Gifts women don’t want for the Holidays

A. Workout dvd

33% plan on doing this for New Years Eve.

A. Being the Designated Driver

people said is the year they will spend less on what?

A. Coffee

32% of Millennials can’t make what

A. Spaghetti

90%of us have 20 of these at any given time

A.Gift bags or greeting cards

People Do this more Between 8am 11am

A. Lie

only 21% of do this on line.

A.Shop for food

85% said this easier to do in School

A. Make friends

88% of this save us about 2 weeks a year in time

A.Online Banking

20% of married couples had Counseling on this

A. In-laws

Women are 6 times more likely to be successful at this then men

A. Online dating

46% of us do this Daily

A. wear our seatbelt

45% didn’t get this during the Holidays

A. Kiss under the Mistletoe