Kool Question Of The Day


42%of woman get this wrapping gifts

A . Get a paper cut

It’s take 3 hours to do this for Christmas

A. Clean the house

75% of us don’t buy this  for Christmas

A. Can Snow

91% of  us still have this from our Christmas past


a great stocking stuffer candy in the late 70’s early 80’s

A. Whistle Pop

81% of us use these more at Christmas

A.Christmas Totes

88%of want this for Christmas

A. A white Christmas

Kid use these more during the Holidays

A. Clothes pins

33% of us would never do this for any amount of Money.

A. Give up our seat on a Plane

33% of have cried about this over Christmas

A. Bathroom scale

87% of us wait till this weekend to do this

A. Clean The House for the Holidays

71% of us have this old decoration

A. Those Plastic  molded  Santa’s

Gifts women don’t want for the Holidays

A. Workout dvd

33% plan on doing this for New Years Eve.

A. Being the Designated Driver

people said is the year they will spend less on what?

A. Coffee

32% of Millennials can’t make what

A. Spaghetti

90%of us have 20 of these at any given time

A.Gift bags or greeting cards

People Do this more Between 8am 11am

A. Lie

only 21% of do this on line.

A.Shop for food

85% said this easier to do in School

A. Make friends

88% of this save us about 2 weeks a year in time

A.Online Banking

20% of married couples had Counseling on this

A. In-laws

Women are 6 times more likely to be successful at this then men

A. Online dating

46% of us do this Daily

A. wear our seatbelt

45% didn’t get this during the Holidays

A. Kiss under the Mistletoe

These come in a 2 & 4 packs

A. Mouse traps

We do this more in the winter then the Summer.

A. Visit Family

Only 25% of men use this in the winter

A. Scarf

61% of women never get complement on ?

A. Their skin

75%of do this in the bathroom every morning

A. Drink their coffee

91% of us don’t like to do this at work

A.Eat birthday cake

25% of us say this make us feel grown up when we buy it.

A Car Insurance

39% of us love doing this when we was little.

A. Going to Birthday party’s

92 % of  women will ask a stranger this.

A. How much did your shoes cost.

Men Do this 3 times as much as women do.

A. Go in to debt

Most of us experience by the age of 47.

A Being a grandparent

Name the 6th Dumbest thing guys Do or buy for valentines day.

A.6  Buy Underwear with Hearts on them

A.5 Have their buddy Deliver the Flowers from the Grocery store.

A.4 Name a star

A.3.Giant Card.

A.2. Dress like Cupid

A.1 Buy a Knockoff Purse

81% of grade school kids can’t do this

A.Tell time on a standard clock

39% say this is the most annoying sound in the workplace.

A. Sniffling, somebody not blowing their nose.

18 % of women will not do this on a first date

A. A Hello Hug

38% of do this when we use someone’s restroom

A. Look behind the shower curtain