Kool Question Of The Day

61% of women never get complement on ?

A. Their skin

75%of do this in the bathroom every morning

A. Drink their coffee

91% of us don’t like to do this at work

A.Eat birthday cake

25% of us say this make us feel grown up when we buy it.

A Car Insurance

39% of us love doing this when we was little.

A. Going to Birthday party’s

92 % of  women will ask a stranger this.

A. How much did your shoes cost.

Men Do this 3 times as much as women do.

A. Go in to debt

Most of us experience by the age of 47.

A Being a grandparent

Name the 6th Dumbest thing guys Do or buy for valentines day.

A.6  Buy Underwear with Hearts on them

A.5 Have their buddy Deliver the Flowers from the Grocery store.

A.4 Name a star

A.3.Giant Card.

A.2. Dress like Cupid

A.1 Buy a Knockoff Purse

81% of grade school kids can’t do this

A.Tell time on a standard clock

39% say this is the most annoying sound in the workplace.

A. Sniffling, somebody not blowing their nose.

18 % of women will not do this on a first date

A. A Hello Hug

38% of do this when we use someone’s restroom

A. Look behind the shower curtain

65% of People are embarrassed to buy this

A. Weight loss items  or  Bug Spray.

79% Have cried over this

A. Bad haircut

82%of kids like to do this everyday

A. X out the days on the Calendar

28% of us do this while cooking

A.Dance And yell at the kids tied for 1st

It takes almost 23 mins a day to do this

A. Dishes

80% of us are afraid of this

A. Becoming our Parents

39%of us forgot this while shopping at the store.

A.We left Meat or Milk in the car overnight.

79% of us have this food item in the pantry

A. Can of Soup

25%of women say no to this in the winter time

A. Painting their toenails

29% of put this on our cereal

57% say this is their pet peeve for daylight savings time.

A. People complaining about it

61% of women would never do this at a wedding

A. Wear a Black dress

300 million are lost each year

A. Golf Balls

46% of workers said HR said no to this

A.  Radio at their desk

Something we never get  enough of

A. Sunshine