Kool Question Of The Day

39%of us forgot this while shopping at the store.

A.We left Meat or Milk in the car overnight.

79% of us have this food item in the pantry

A. Can of Soup

25%of women say no to this in the winter time

A. Painting their toenails

29% of put this on our cereal

57% say this is their pet peeve for daylight savings time.

A. People complaining about it

61% of women would never do this at a wedding

A. Wear a Black dress

300 million are lost each year

A. Golf Balls

46% of workers said HR said no to this

A.  Radio at their desk

Something we never get  enough of

A. Sunshine

44% of us have done this in the last 24 hours.

A. Lied

58% of kids complain about this everyday.

A.I’m Thirsty.

33% of have done this at home when we’re drunk

A. left the refrigerator door open

61% of woman do this job

A. Bartender

43%of parents say this stinks up their car

A. a left in the car Kids Lunch

26% of parents have played this joke on their Kids.

A. Set The all head 1 hour on April fools day

41%of mom say they like this the most about their car

A. Cupholders

39% of us don’t like the way we do this

A. Our  Handwriting

The Most unused kitchen appliance

A. The Bread Maker

61%of women wear this

A. A Scarf

65% of us do this for our pets

A. Celebrate their Birthday

85% of us say our pet does this


33% of plan to do this with our tax return

A. Give to our kids

24% of us do this as soon as we get home

A. Wash their hands

31% of us hate to see this when we go to someone house

A. Mouse trap

25% of will eat this for dinner

A. Spam

79% of parents will put this in the kids Easter basket

A. Money

This is what needs recycled the most


75% of us have done this for the boss at work

A. Watch their Kids

36% of women said they would call off wedding because of this

A. Mama’s Boy

57% of new moms do this in the delivery room

A. Cuss out their Husband

25% of parents regret this about there kids.

A. not taking enough pictures.

27% of us say this was a memorable moment in our life

A. getting our own room

67% of Parents say they are bad at this.

A. Drawing a Picture

26% of  us have done this for a Co-Worker

A.Sign them in to work on their time card

May is the best time to buy this lazy summertime item.


29% of teachers have done this for a student.

A. Paid a Bill for them or Adopted them tied for 1st

38% of kids have ignored their parents when they ask them this.

A. Friend them on social media

44% of us feel pressured to do this.

Women say this is one of their biggest pet peeves at home with hubby and kids

A. Using to many Glasses

50% of us this less now then we did in the 70’s or 80’s.

A. Eat a home cooked meal

79% of Parents say about 300 times a year.

Have a good day or Hurry up tied for 1st.