Kool Question Of The Day

33% of have done this at home when we’re drunk

A. left the refrigerator door open

61% of woman do this job

A. Bartender

43%of parents say this stinks up their car

A. a left in the car Kids Lunch

26% of parents have played this joke on their Kids.

A. Set The all head 1 hour on April fools day

41%of mom say they like this the most about their car

A. Cupholders

39% of us don’t like the way we do this

A. Our  Handwriting

The Most unused kitchen appliance

A. The Bread Maker

61%of women wear this

A. A Scarf

65% of us do this for our pets

A. Celebrate their Birthday

85% of us say our pet does this


33% of plan to do this with our tax return

A. Give to our kids

24% of us do this as soon as we get home

A. Wash their hands

31% of us hate to see this when we go to someone house

A. Mouse trap

25% of will eat this for dinner

A. Spam

79% of parents will put this in the kids Easter basket

A. Money

This is what needs recycled the most


75% of us have done this for the boss at work

A. Watch their Kids

36% of women said they would call off wedding because of this

A. Mama’s Boy

57% of new moms do this in the delivery room

A. Cuss out their Husband

25% of parents regret this about there kids.

A. not taking enough pictures.

27% of us say this was a memorable moment in our life

A. getting our own room

67% of Parents say they are bad at this.

A. Drawing a Picture

26% of  us have done this for a Co-Worker

A.Sign them in to work on their time card

May is the best time to buy this lazy summertime item.


29% of teachers have done this for a student.

A. Paid a Bill for them or Adopted them tied for 1st

38% of kids have ignored their parents when they ask them this.

A. Friend them on social media

44% of us feel pressured to do this.

Women say this is one of their biggest pet peeves at home with hubby and kids

A. Using to many Glasses

50% of us this less now then we did in the 70’s or 80’s.

A. Eat a home cooked meal

79% of Parents say about 300 times a year.

Have a good day or Hurry up tied for 1st.

68 do this when grilling

A. Listen to the Radio

42% say this would be less stressful at work daily.

A. If they had to wear a uniform

25% of us don’t do this at home but do it when they are out.

A.Save leftovers

Kids Now fail to do this at home.

A. clean up the dishes and help carry the groceries in

41% of us do this while on the phone

a. Walk around

53% complain about going here

A. Walmart

3 million bottles a year of this was made between the 60’s and 90’s.


21% of us lie about daily to our partner

A. Junk food we eat.

Dad is better than mom at teaching kids about this.

A.Saving Money.

One of dads best Qualities.

A. Fixing stuff

This is the most popular day to eat out.

A. Your Birthday

Kids visit the ER every 2 hours because of this?

A. Jumping on the bed and falling off hitting their head.

98% of women said they can’t live without this.

A. Their Purse

Sales of this food go up 65% in the summer

A. Sunflower seeds

61% of People do this at home everyday

A. Water the lawn

This summer item is the number 1 item sold  at the dollar store.

A Sunglasses

68% of us don’t do this before vacation.

A.Put mail on hold.

100,000 men women and kids make a trip to the hospital because of this

A. Bee Stings

25% say this the worst thing about a road trip

A. Dirty bathrooms

More of these are sold on the 4th


Best thing after the kids move out

A. more bathroom time.

75%of us buy this but can’t tell you the name of it

A. Wine

More of these are sold on Sunday.

A. Newspaper

35%of couples this is a romantic place to steal a kiss

A. concert

82% of bosses say this is what causes low productivity at work

A. long lunches

80% of this is eaten at home


89%of us Believe in this

A. Fate