Cutch Returns

This weekend, Andrew McCutcheon makes his return to Pittsburgh… a member of the San Francisco Giants. As painful as it was to lose Cutch, here’s an unpopular opinion: The Pirates are better off without him. Moving McCutcheon to the Bay Area freed up enough cap space to replace him with outfielder Corey Dickerson, and they got to move a superior fielder in Marte to center. Dickerson is far and away playing better in the small sample size of the first two months of the baseball season, hitting .323 with 5 homers and 26 RBI. Meanwhile out west, Cutch is looking just like the player Pittsburgh fans watched over the last two seasons, hitting .250 with 3 homers and only 14 RBI. Did the Pirates know that Dickerson would be available from the Rays when McCutcheon was moved? Probably not. But he’s taken the sting away from losing one of the most popular Pirates of the last 20 years. I wish Cutch all the best, but, at this point, I’m glad he’s with another team.