Star Wars: Episode IX Begins

Filming began today on the final chapter of the Star Wars Skywalker Trilogy. Directed by JJ Abrams, Episode IX features the return of Billy Dee Williams to the franchise, as well as Mark Hamill who will obviously be utilized as a force ghost since he died at the end of the Last Jedi. The movie will also feature Carrie Fisher who passed away in 2016, using footage of her that Abrams originally shot for The Force Awakens four years ago. I’m interested to see how big her role will be considering the limitations on the production. But at least they’re not using an awful CGI clone as they did in Rogue One. It may be the end for the Skywalkers but it won’t be the end of Star Wars. Disney will NEVER quit making these movies. Let’s just hope they don’t do something stupid… remake the Original Trilogy…..the Prequel Trilogy on the other hand…..