Christmas Kids Rules

CHARITABLE EVENT NAME:  “Christmas Kids 2018”


Effective Date: Monday, November 19th, 2018 through Friday, December 14th, 2018

Participating Radio Station(s)/Website Address(s)/Studio Address(s)/Phone #’s:

105.5 WUKL-FM (“KOOL 105”)

96.5 WRQY-FM (“Rocky 96.5”)

100.5 WBGI-FM (“Biggie 100.5”)

100.1 WYLI-FM (Willie 100.1)

1290 WYLI-AM (“Willie1290”)

56325 High Ridge Road Bellaire, OH 43906

 (740) 676-5661

Participating Non-Profit Organization:

House of the Carpenter Wheeling

Attention: Mike Linger

C/O 200 South Front Street, Wheeling, WV 26003

Declared Value of Charitable Bequests(s): Individually awarded, charitable needs based bequests of to be determined differing descriptions and values, which will be awarded in the sole discretion of the Participating Non-Profit Organization as more particularly set forth, herein below (“Charitable Bequest(s)”)


Forever Media, Inc. and its affiliates through their Participating Radio Station(s), in conjunction with various Participating Non-Profit Organizations, and/or sponsor(s) and/or Charitable Bequest(s) provider(s) (collectively, “Forever”) is conducting a Charitable Event named as set forth above (“Charitable Event”). Forever may air Charitable Event(s) from time to time which are conducted by Forever’s advertisers and other organizations that are not, sponsored or endorsed by, and/or for which, neither Forever, nor its radio stations, participate (“Non-Forever Charitable Event(s)”). For any Non-Forever Charitable Event(s) please refer to the Charitable Event rules of the Non-Forever Charitable Event Sponsor. Forever assumes no liability or responsibility in whole or in part for any Non-Forever Charitable Event(s).


1) No purchase or payment necessary. Void where prohibited or restricted by law. Charitable Bequest(s) donee recipients(s) (“Donee Recipient(s)”) may only qualify for one Charitable Bequest during this Charitable Event however, a Donee Recipient(s) household as a family unit is permitted to be nominated and to qualify for the Charitable Bequest.


2) Beginning on the above Effective Date, Forever’s, Participating Radio Station(s), in conjunction with the Participating Non-Profit Organization will be awarding the above described Charitable Bequest(s). The Charitable Bequest(s) are not transferable, not available for resale and/or not redeemable for cash value. If a Donee Recipient(s) declines a Charitable Bequest(s), reasonable attempts will be made by the representative or designates of the Participating Non-Profit Organization to re-award that Charitable Bequest item(s) to another qualifying Donee Recipient(s).  All decisions regarding the award, re-award, or other disposition of any Charitable Bequest(s), the qualification, prescreen and/or verification of any and all Donee Recipients(s) will at all times reside in the full and final sole discretion of the representatives of the Participating Non-Profit Organization and their representatives.




3) Participant(s) selected for award of a Charitable Bequest, may be subject to verification and may also be required to execute the:

Christmas Kids 2018 (“Charitable Event”) CHARITABLE EVENT PARTICIPATION (“Charitable Event Participation”) RELEASE AND HOLD HARMLESS in the form as incorporated herein below.



4)  Below is an overview of the Christmas Kids 2018 Program:

Christmas Kids 2018 Program

The Christmas Kids 2018 program is a long-running program executed annually by the Participating Radio Station(s) of Forever, through a partnership with the Wheeling House of the Carpenter (“The Participating Non-Profit Organization.  The Participating Non-Profit Organization is a mission project affiliated with the West Virginia Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church. Its purpose is to care for people in need. The project serves people throughout the Upper Ohio Valley on both sides of the Ohio River. Children from Birth to age 18, and who are still in school are the primary Donee Recipient(s) of the Charitable Bequest(s).

CHRISTMAS KIDS ANNUAL SIGN UP RULES (Every family must provide)

  1. Identification
  2. Social Security Cards (for all members of Household)
  3. Working phone number
  4. Guardianship papers if children are their children
  5. Proof of income for all members of the Household, acceptable Proof: (i) Pay Stub; (ii) Tax Return; (iii) Social Security, Disability or EBT Letter. (Submission of false information or incomplete information will disqualify application).
  6. Applicants should be prepared to provide shirt, pant size, and wish list items at the TIME OF REGISTRATION!


The Participating Non-Profit Organization follows a 150% of the Poverty Guidelines for the applicant families to register. Many of the applicant families fall well below that number.

Family information such as parents’ names, social security numbers, address and phone numbers are collected as well as each child’s name, age, Shirt and pant size, and wish list items. The Family information is cross checked with other agencies so that there is no duplication of services. Once everything has been checked, the House of the Carpenter finds sponsors for each child. These sponsors can be individuals, groups, churches   schools, State Police, etc. In addition to and in conjunction with, the campaign by the Participating Non-Profit Organization, from Monday November 19th through Friday December 14th, the Participating Radio Station(s) will air the wish lists of these children as part of their daily programming. The Participating Radio Station(s) then accept collection of gifts from the sponsors they enlist through their on-air initiative. The listener will then purchase Christmas presents for the child and bring them to the office of the Participating Radio Station(s) to be picked up and distributed by the Participating Non-Profit Organization.


Sponsors as asked to purchase an outfit and a couple of gifts from the available wish lists. It is requested that gifts be brought to the Participating Radio Station(s) or the Participating Non-Profit Organization offices by December 14th unwrapped but with gift wrapping paper accompanying it so that parents are able to be part of the gift experience for their children. We then contact the parents to pick up the gifts within 2 days due to a lack of storage.


In addition, the Participating Radio Station(s) and the Participating Non-Profit Organization also accept Cash, Gift Cards, Checks and Credit Card donations in lieu of physical gifts as follows:


-Cash, Gift Cards or Checks (made payable to: The House of the Carpenter) will be accepted at a lock box at the Participating Radio Station(s) address Forever Media Christmas Kids C/O 56325 High Ridge Road Bellaire, OH 43906; or


-Cash, Gift Cards or Checks (made payable to the House of the Carpenter) will be accepted at the Participating Non-Profit address: House of the Carpenter Wheeling, Attention: Mike Linger C/O 200 South Front Street, Wheeling, WV 26003, or



-Credit Cards only House of the Carpenter Website Pay Pal address:


– The Charitable Bequests made hereunder are intended to be a benevolent distribution to a needy person(s) in the manner accepted in IRS Private Letter Ruling:  Private Letter Ruling 9314014 as such no IRS Form 1099 will be issued by Forever. If such characterization would be determined to be non-applicable to any Donee Recipient(s) they will be responsible for any Local, State and Federal taxes associated with accepting their Charitable Bequest.



5) Any questions or comments regarding the operation of the Charitable Event must be made in writing to Participating Non-Profit Organization Address.


6) All Charitable Event Rules are subject to change at the sole discretion of the Participating Radio Station(s) or the Participating Non-Profit Organization Either Forever or the Participating Non-Profit Organization retain the right to cancel, suspend and/or modify this Charitable Event for any reason at any time.


7) A copy of the official rules governing this Charitable Event as well as Forever’s General Contest Rules are available at the Participating Studio Address and on the Participating Radio Station(s) website address(s).  Copies of the rules can be requested by sending a self-addressed stamped envelope to the Studio Address.


8) A copy of the West Virginia Charitable Organization Registration Statement as well as the IRS Form 501(c)(3) are available at the Participating Non-Profit Organization address set forth above. Copies of the rules can be requested by sending a self-addressed stamped envelope to the Participating Non-Profit Organization Address.


The above Specific Charitable Event Rules are to be applied as appropriate, in conjunction with the General Contest Rules in effect by Forever at the Effective Date of any Specific Charitable Event and may be amended, supplemented, modified in all or part for a specific radio station or station(s) Events/Contests/Activities from time to time by Forever in its sole discretion. Forever at all times reserves the right to amend/supplement and/or modify these Specific Charitable Event Rules with modified specific rules which shall be made available by the Forever radio station(s) as appropriate and in the Forever radio station(s) sole discretion. Listeners’ and potential Charitable Event Participant(s) are urged to acquaint themselves with these Specific Charitable Event rules in advance of their participation. Where Specific Charitable Event Rules are in place for a particular event, those Specific Charitable Event Rules shall control over, where different, from the General Contest Rules.


Forever Media Inc. its affiliates and their Radio Station(s) do not and shall not discriminate, in any way on the basis of race or gender, respecting their employment or advertising practices.