Don’t Vote For Letang

The NHL All-Star Game is coming up on January 26th. Most of the rosters are set, including Sidney Crosby as the lone Penguin representative, but the NHL is offering fans a chance to vote for the last men in. One more player will be chosen from each division, and in the Metropolitan, Kris Letang is one of the possible options. You may be tempted to vote for Kris Letang since he plays for our home squad and you want to see another Penguin honored this year…..but don’t. Do NOT vote for Kris Letang as the Last Man In. He’s averaging just over 26 minutes of ice time this year, which is the second highest average of his career. He needs to be afforded the time off more than he needs the honor. The tougher part of making sure Letang won’t be suited up during the All-Star Game is voting, often, for someone else from the division to ensure Letang’s absence. Remember, a vote for anyone else in the division, is a vote for Letang getting some much deserved rest. Kris Letang and the Pens will start their West Coast road trip tomorrow night in Anaheim on Rocky 96-5!