Balancing Truths: 3 Myths about the Digital Baby Boomer

Recently while in a client meeting, it dawned on me that companies are often too focused on utilizing their digital strategies to only target Millennials and thus are often missing out on a key target opportunity… Baby Boomers! There are many common misconceptions about Marketing to our Baby Boomers, which are classified as those born approximately between 1946 and 1964.

Let’s take a look at the top 3 Myths I hear most frequently…

Myth # 1.) Baby Boomers are Technologically Challenged

Many advertisers believe their message will be lost on Baby Boomers with Digital Platforms, when in fact the Baby Boomers are the ones that invented these technology to begin with and are eager to keep up with the ever changing Platforms!

Fact: Baby Boomers are the fastest growing technology sector

  • 70% have Facebook Accounts & 31% are on Twitter
  • 66% buy from online retailers
  • 89% have Cellphones, with 47% being Smart Phones

Myth # 2.) Baby Boomers don’t spend time “Online”

On average Baby Boomer, or those 45+ are spending about 19 hours a week online. This time far exceeds their time spent watching TV (15hours), listening to the radio or reading newspapers!

Fact: Baby Boomers are utilizing the internet more than ever to Research, Buy & Connect!

  • 83% use the Internet as their #1 source to research an interest
  • 54% of Boomers/seniors watch online video, compared with 65% of the general population
  • News and weather is the most popular information accessed by Boomers online (66%)
  • Activities also include Shopping (57%), Coupons/discounts/daily deals (45%), Food Information (44%), and Games (43%).

Myth # 3.) Baby Boomers are tighter with their money

The average age of retirement in now 68 so, Baby Boomers have higher disposable income while they are still working and are looking for ways to be active.

Fact: Adults 55 and older control more than 75% of America’s Wealth

  • The account for 40% of Consumer Demand
  • Adults over 50 account for up to 80% of luxury travel spending in America
  • 68% still give and spend money on their adult kids
  • 60% of the grandparent population are baby boomers

As you can see, marketing to these Baby Boomers come with numerous digital opportunities. Like every marketing segment, it’s about the message and validity of what you are offering to them. So, let’s talk about how we can work with you to bring your message to the next level and get you the right customers!