Benefits of Display Advertising

Display advertising is a powerful piece to any marketing plan. Most of us have experienced display advertising in some capacity while we work and shop online. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, and in that instance how did you come across this blog? Display ads are often referred to as banner ads, but they don’t always come in banner form. In fact, they can appear in various sizes depending on the layout of the website or app, and the device it is viewed from. Meaning you may find ads for that certain pair of shoes you’ve seeking on your phone, your tablet or desktop. Here are a few benefits of display advertising for any business:

Display Ads Go Hand in Hand with Brand Awareness

The visual component of display ads also benefits your business by facilitating brand awareness. Typically you create a visually enticing offer that stands out yet also coincides with your overall company branding. Even if a user doesn’t click, they still gather information on your brand simply by seeing your display ad.

Effectively Target with Display Ads

Finding the right target audience and communicating the right message are crucial for the success of any display campaign, both for clicks and branding. The trick is to zero in on your ideal audience. Thanks to the powerful value in ‘cyber stalking’ you have the ability to hone in on prospects based on search behaviors, interests and demographic data.

Display Ads Provide Data

Display allows you to not only place your ad in front of the right audience, but also to track your return. Data can be gathered on the delivery and engagement of your ads. You can use this to see if you’re reaching the right audience or if your message is strong enough to entice a reaction. Data is also captured on your website as new visitors are lead there by ads. The deeper you dive, you’d be amazed to learn more about your audience and what they really want.


In addition to standard targeting capabilities, display advertising also allows for retargeting. This takes us back to the term ‘cyber stalking’, being able to follow your audience once they’ve been to your website is a powerful approach to keep top of mind awareness and solicit sales or other actions a potential client left in progress or uncompleted. Have you ever spent time looking for a particular item or service online? Suddenly you find ads for that product everywhere you go? This is retargeting, and a very effective approach to help bring you back to that website for more information, or perhaps a purchase.

Display is a fit for any type of business if you have the right message and target the right audience. Working with marketing professionals who can guide you through this process can be extremely helpful and fiscally beneficial. If you’d like to learn more about the benefits of targeted display advertising, let FMDi help!