Maximizing Your Recruitment Efforts Online

For the recruitment market, the National Online Recruitment Audience Survey (NORAS) recently showed that 72% of online job seekers applied for jobs they found online, of these 65% gained interviews for these jobs and 56% of those that had interviews got the jobs. If you aren’t working to gain targeted prospects online you are missing out on potential candidates.

In today’s world of online job postings and ads at popular sites such as Monster and CareerBuilder, it’s easy to get lost in the hustle and bustle of promoted ads. Extending your reach beyond the usual job posting is the key to retaining the right applicant.

Here are a few approaches to maximize your online recruitment efforts.

Targeted Advertising:

Focusing on your key demographics, geography and behaviors of ideal candidates are all major factors in placing your employment ads in front of the right people. Utilizing a targeted approach helps to maximize both your results and budget.

o    Beyond the HR mandated job description it can be hard to stand out on the online. Mixed among hundreds of other job descriptions and available positions, often results in either a lack of applicants, or an abundance of applicants that are simply ‘mass applying’ to anything available.

o    Think outside the box with your ad, and then take things a step further. Utilizing visual ads across a national network places those ‘targeted’ ads in front of the right people. However, the next step is gaining their interest. The more creative the ad the more attention you receive.


46% of search engine marketing professionals believe re-targeting is the most underused online marketing technology. Does your company have a dedicated career page, or online application? Then re-targeting is most certainly a ‘need’ for your recruitment efforts. Driving traffic back to your website for that conversion, whether it’s applying or gathering more information on who to call.

Nearly all of the people who visit a site for the first time (98%) leave without some form of desired action.  Re-targeting can boost ad response up to 400%! This means you should certainly be re-targeting prospects who have visited your career or employment opportunities page to stay in front of interested prospects after they leave your site.


Targeted mobile advertising allows you to zero in on specific geographies, as large or as finite as you need to get in front of your audience.

Perhaps you’re looking for recent graduates or an experienced professional? Why not serve your targeted ads to your prospects smart phone on campus, or at the recruitment agency currently staffing for your competitor? In fact why not serve ads to those currently working at your larger competitors?

No matter your approach the key successful recruitment comes down to creative. Having the right message is what converts prospects to applicants. Once you have an ideal message, it’s all about retention. Utilizing any of the above approaches will deliver your message to prospects more effectively when combined with your current efforts.

Questions? Contact us and let’s have a conversation about how FMDi and our digital products & services can help you reach your target audience with strategic target advertising.