Review Response – The Complete List of Do’s and Don’ts

In past years, so many businesses would use “look books” or written letters of praise from their customers. A very useful tool for businesses to show trust and loyalty for their brands. Today the look books of the past have morphed into online reviews. There are many third party websites online that showcase these reviews. In many cases many businesses are unaware of how to respond to these online posts.  Which is why we have created a complete list of what to do and what not to do.


  • Do respond to all reviews positive and negative.
  • Do respond in a timely manner. Within a week or less is a good time frame to use.
  • Do directly address the customer’s comments or concerns.
  • If it is a negative review acknowledge the customers dissatisfaction and apologize.
  • Do always thank the customer for their feedback.
  • Your response influences current and future customers, make it count.


  • Do not let reviews go without a response.
  • Do not have a back and forth argument with a customer online. Take the conversation offline. Invite the customer to contact you directly. Save the discussion of “the facts” for when you and the customer speak privately.
  • Do not accuse the customer of being a fake reviewer.

Reviews are a tool that will help your business generate new customers and keep current customers loyal to your brand. By putting your best foot forward with responses, customers and potential customers will view your business as a company that cares and pays attention to their customers. If you find yourself having some difficulties getting a handle on your reviews, give us a call. At FMDi we are here to help and are ready to be your online partner.