Kool Question Of The Day

38% of kids have ignored their parents when they ask them this.

A. Friend them on social media

44% of us feel pressured to do this.

Women say this is one of their biggest pet peeves at home with hubby and kids

A. Using to many Glasses

50% of us this less now then we did in the 70’s or 80’s.

A. Eat a home cooked meal

79% of Parents say about 300 times a year.

Have a good day or Hurry up tied for 1st.

68 do this when grilling

A. Listen to the Radio

42% say this would be less stressful at work daily.

A. If they had to wear a uniform

25% of us don’t do this at home but do it when they are out.

A.Save leftovers

Kids Now fail to do this at home.

A. clean up the dishes and help carry the groceries in

41% of us do this while on the phone

a. Walk around

53% complain about going here

A. Walmart

3 million bottles a year of this was made between the 60’s and 90’s.


21% of us lie about daily to our partner

A. Junk food we eat.

Dad is better than mom at teaching kids about this.

A.Saving Money.

One of dads best Qualities.

A. Fixing stuff

This is the most popular day to eat out.

A. Your Birthday

Kids visit the ER every 2 hours because of this?

A. Jumping on the bed and falling off hitting their head.

98% of women said they can’t live without this.

A. Their Purse

Sales of this food go up 65% in the summer

A. Sunflower seeds

61% of People do this at home everyday

A. Water the lawn

This summer item is the number 1 item sold  at the dollar store.

A Sunglasses

68% of us don’t do this before vacation.

A.Put mail on hold.

100,000 men women and kids make a trip to the hospital because of this

A. Bee Stings

25% say this the worst thing about a road trip

A. Dirty bathrooms

More of these are sold on the 4th


Best thing after the kids move out

A. more bathroom time.

75%of us buy this but can’t tell you the name of it

A. Wine

More of these are sold on Sunday.

A. Newspaper

35%of couples this is a romantic place to steal a kiss

A. concert

82% of bosses say this is what causes low productivity at work

A. long lunches

80% of this is eaten at home


89%of us Believe in this

A. Fate

Least sold item during the Heatwave.

A. Milk and Ice cream Tied for number 1

3rd most popular sweet treat you love it or hate it

A. Black licorice

33% of Parents do this before school shopping.

A call the school for clothing restrictions.

40% of Families share this

A. Kids are named after a Family member.

Things that can go wrong on a date

A.Can’t find your address late for date

70% of Parents say their kids are better at this .

A.The way the dress

41% of us do this on Sunday

A. read the paper

37%of us have almost caused an accident

A. driving with out shoes

71% of us do this while eating

A. Watch tv

4th most sung song in the USA

A. God Bless the USA

31% of Moms said if they had a extra hour a day they would do this


60% of us do this more in the car

A. Nap or sleep

54% of people do this at work

A. Clip their Fingernails

39%of will walk out of a restaurant because of this

A.No soap in restrooms

79% of have over spent because of this sign.

A. Limited time only

59% of Parents say this is a hard to buy school Item


62% of parents say this was very expensive this year .

A. Backpacks

82% of single women say this is date killer

A. Dirty fingernails

Name some guys never get rid of

A.Old girlfriend pics and love letters.

71% of Parents say they never let their kids have this in the car


87% of Kids say their Favorite Pumpkin Spice treat

A. Pumpkin Spice Marshmallows

77%of plan to do this after Labor Day.

A. Drain the pool

25%of lie about this to family and friends

A. How much we go to the gym.

62% of us don’t eat this when we go out

A. Peanuts

We do this 3 times a day

A.Check the weather on our phones

81% of us done this with our cars.

A.Lost our keys

Every house has at least 2 of these

A. Mirrors

28% of us do this on a plane


Parents do this more at breakfast then dinner

A. Stand

It takes about 50 days to do this.

A. Grow a Pumpkin

85% of us would rather do this at home then buy it outside the house.
A. Buy Their Coffee

77% of us can’t do this at work.

A eat healthy

29 % of us like this about Fall

A.Lower Electric bill

25% of us have broken our diet for this

A. Pumpkin Pie or Pumpkin Ice Cream

This everyday item turns 10 years old.

A. Fit Bit.

55% of people say this will put you in a good mood

A. Taking a hot Shower

75% of do this twice a week

A . Put gas in the car

Every year it takes us about 45 days.

A. To Pick out our Halloween costume

32% of us hate when someone does this at home or out on the town.

A. Talks during a movie

75% say they don’t have patience for this daily

A.Voice mail messages

Top 4 accidents that happen at home

  1. Trip and Fall
  2. Cut yourself
  3. Walk into a door
  4. Burn yourself

89% of singles do this for a date at home

A.Play soft Music

95% of us say their boss steals this

A. Ideas

32% of us do this in our hotel room

A. Eavesdrop on the room next door

29% of women say this could end a relationship.

A. His Mother