Joey Kramer Out as Aerosmith’s Drummer

Drummer Joey Kramer appears to have been replaced, at least temporarily, as the drummer for Aerosmith. Kramer, who suffered a shoulder injury last year in a “minor” accident and had missed gigs since them, was forced to “audition” for his old job with the band. When the rest of Aerosmith thought that he was still incapable of playing up to par, they replaced Kramer, prompting Kramer to sue. A judge, though, rejected Kramer’s attempt to be reinstated for this weekend’s Grammy Awards performance. The band for now will use their replacement drummer instead of Kramer. The remaining members of Aerosmith insist that Kramer is still invited to attend their performance at Sunday’s Grammys, although Kramer has indicated that he’s unwilling to show up if he doesn’t have a place on stage.