Kool Question Of The Day

Men do this more at parties than women

A.Leave without sayin Thanks

One of the top good luck charms is

A. A pair socks

64% of have done this in the new year

A. Wrote down the wrong year.

73% of kids are allowed to do this after the age of 12

A Use the Mower

Almost every home has 6 lbs of this.

A, Change

one of the most misplaced item.


Women take longer to do this then Men

A. order food

Kids in the 70’s and 80’s fought about this all the time.

A.Who’s was riding upfront

A guy’s favorite compliment.

A. Your so funny

44% of us have done this at a Birthday Party

A.Drop a piece of cake.

# 5 thing we hate about winter.

A.Letting our pets outside when it’s cold

66%of us don’t eat this

A. Mushrooms

67% of did this at work today

A. wore our favorite Jersey to work

60%of vehicles don’t have these anymore

A. Bumper Stickers

25% haven’t washed this in 6 months at home


29 % say this is boring when talking to friends.

A. When they show you Their Facebook post or pics.

37% of us do this daily for our pets

A. Leave the tv or radio on

90% Of us do this more on vacation then at home.

A .Fight about where to eat

43% of us can sleep on vacation because of this

A.Room Temp