Kool Question Of The Day

43% of us can sleep on vacation because of this

A.Room Temp

23% of do this everynight

A.Set our coffee pot timer

31% of us still use this daily.

A. Watch

1 out 7 people do this when friends are coming over.

A. Put on a pot of coffee.

Men do this more on vacation than women do

A. Run out of clothes to wear.

80 % of us remember this from our 1st date with our spouse.

The song that was Playin on the Radio

51% of us regret buying this

Shoes and clothes number 1

Fast food #2

4 million of these are made everyday

A. Bras

55% of us get upset if no one say’s anything about our new________?

A. Glasses

One the most disliked inventions. We can’t live without.

A. Alarm

21%of us will do this for daylight saving time.

A. Wait till 2am to turn the clocks forward. or get up at 2am to make the adjustment.

22% of like to eat this while watching sports.


90%of us commit this crime

A. Jay walking

89%of women need help with this?

A.Putting on a necklace

4th most left item in a uber car

A.water bottle

Women have at least 3 of these

A. Hairbrush

Since the outbreak ,more of us are doing this at home to keep busy

A. Crossword puzzles and word search.

People do this once every 2-3 years.

A. Go to a grave site of a friend.

81% of couples say their relationship is stronger after this

A. Vacation

38%of are doing this more per day.

A. Calling family

34%of us have this at a picnic .

A .Potato salad

sales of this have falling 90%


17% of ask for this at the drive thru.

A.Extra Napkins

36% of women wear on of these


41%of us are doing this less now.

Spending Money

Easter toy that didn’t last long was?

A.Blow up Bunny’s or a Pin wheel

Easter 2020 more of us did this?

A.hiding eggs in the house.

41% of us would go here rather than do spring cleaning.


In 2020 Most Families Have 3 or 4 of these in the house

A. Streaming for tv

25%of do this every morning with our breakfast drink.

A.Add ice

67% of us have these at work from home

A.Food containers

Sales goes up 50% in the spring for this food item

A.Pre package salad

95% of us did this 30 40 years ago now only 20% can do it

A. Cursive Writing

Growing up in the 70’s every home had a bottle of this

A. Geritol or Shoe polish
Sales have falling by 70% since covid 19 on this everyday item

A.Gum or mints

77%of us don’t like these with our job

A. Company Picnics

Parents say this is hard to teach their Kids

A.How to tell time

35% of us had this at work

A. The Hiccups

Kids do this more since the lock down

A. Fight

57% of us have done this at home

A.Cut our Hair

35% of do this every hour at work.

A.Call home

More of these sell on Cinco de Mayo then the any other holiday.

A. Avocados

48% say they dislike this the most about customer service

A.Press 1 for english

78% of us say this a bad habit at work

A. Chewing on pens

26% of Moms will do this on Mothers day

A. Sleep in

73 % of workers say this need improved at work.

A .internet service

46% of us would turn down this

A. Handshake

39%of Kids get upset when their dad does this.

A dances in front of their friends

78% of us kids hated to do this

A. Kiss our relatives hello or goodbye

These can be bought in 40 or 80 per box

A. Envelopes

29% do this weekly

A. weigh  ourselves

51% of us hate to do this at home

A. Answer the door

24%of cars have this problem right now.

A. Cracked windshield

19% of us would give this up for no more housework