Rock Stars Are Selling Their Catalogs

It’s the latest trend for Classic Rockers, sell off your publishing rights for huge paydays. It may be a way for the aging musicians to consolidate their estates, or indicative of a semi-retirement, but more artists are cashing in on their art. Early in December, Bob Dylan sold the rights to his works for a reported $300 million, and Stevie Nicks sold a majority share of her copywritten works. Now, Neil Young, who has had quite a bit to say about how his music is used in commercial enterprises, has sold half of his rights on more than 1,200 songs for an estimated $150 million. Lindsey Buckingham has also seen a financial windfall, signing away all of his royalties to his solo work and songs written with Fleetwood Mac. Will the trend continue? It certainly doesn’t seem to be slowing now.