Twister’s 25th Anniversary

On May 10, 1996 the film Twister stormed onto the silver screen accompanied by a soundtrack that included one of Van Halen’s most underappreciated songs: “Humans Being.” The track, which spent a handful of weeks at the top of the Mainstream Rock chart 25 years ago, actually contributed to the end of the Van Hagar era. Sammy’s wife was pregnant at the time and he had to balance being by her side with his commitment to the band, creating conflict that eventually ended this iteration of the group. The credits of the film also features another Van Halen composition, “Respect the Wind,” which features only the two Van Halens on the thundering instrumental track. The Twister Soundtrack also boasts tracks from the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Soul Asylum, and Belly. So, give the disc a spin tonight in honor of it’s quarter-century anniversary.