Kool Question Of The Day

Love and heart are the number 1 words in love songs

A.. Forever 4th.. Kiss 3rd … Baby 2nd

41% of people do this to their pizza

A. use a paper towel to wipe off the grease

86% of kids never saw there dad do this

A. Make a bed

30%of us says this makes them Late for work

A. Feeding the animals

We use this household item more in the fall

A. Crock pot

Name some you eat out of the container it came in.

A Yogurt  #2 Ice cream #1

77% of us do this alone

A. Drive

64% of Grandparents buy this for Halloween for the Grandkids

A. Halloween card

60% of us have inherited this from Parents or Grandparents.

A…Christmas ornaments

Name a famous Don or Joe

A…Don King & Mean Joe Green

82% of women say the husband should do this

A. Pump the gas

The older we get the more we do this on vacation

A Unpack our suitcase]\

Six things with a Pool



2.pool table

3.car pool

4.cess pool


6.gambling or football pool

You feel this before you feel it?

A. Papercut

25%of people say they have this in their house

A…Pet Hair

12%of us buy this on line

A. Ready to go Family dinners through the mail

Things that End

Number 4 was

A…All Good Things

Small Turkey’s are in high demand 68% said they would make this for Thanksgiving.

A Pasta

6 million of these are sold in Nov and Dec

A .Aluminum  pans

83% of men and women find comfort with this at home

A. A Clean House

47% of us do this daily

A.. Take vitamins

64% of couples buy this before they get Married

A…A Pet

Women do this 25 times before Christmas

A.. Have a Christmas memory flashback

73%of people say this job is boring

A. Parking lot attendant

39% do this the week of Xmas

A. Look at old photo’s

80% of us we hate this when shopping

A. Someone taken up two parking spaces

80%of us suffer from this in the winter.

A. Dry skin

What is the 3rd most item sold day after Christmas

A. Bath sets

One of the hardest this to find in 2020

A. Canning Jars

what item was useless in 2020

A…Day planer

2020 help us do what

A.. save and pay off debt

These stores started in late 70’s -2000’s

A. Video stores (Be Kind and rewind)

25%of us are doing this in our car right now


18%of us make this purchase alone

A. A Pet

31% of people have stayed up all night for this.

A.. Watching scary movies

25% of us would give this up to keep the internet for a year.

A Vacation

Families buy this item more on Saturday morning .

Cell Phones

4th most item People don’t like buying online

A. Food and Firearms

Each Home Has a least 2 of these in the Kitchen

A. Boxes of Cereal

Name something you put in the ground

A. Time Capsule

Something people hate to clean

A. Fish tank

Parents do this everyday for their kids over 30 still living at home.

A.. Wake them up

29% of people order this at a Bar

A. Order a craft beer

Sales of these double the week of  Feb 14??

a. Whipped cream

85% of women would love to do this ?

A. Take a Carriage ride

People will say Thank you for this.

A. A Ticket from a cop

60% of  woman are more attracted to their date when they do this.

A. Orders the same drink.

Kids don’t know this about their parents

A.. Their 1st Job

47% of guy’s said they would wear these again.

A . Silk Shirt

Use the word Fat

A.. Chewing the Fat

This Happen between 10p and 9am

A.. Tooth ache

What’s become the  new past time

A. Playing Cards

24% of students did this for spring break.

A. Didn’t go

Places your told not to touch anything.

A. Strip Club, Car show, Museum, Art Gallery,& A Zoo

35% of us wear this everyday.

A Cologne or Perfume

27% of us try to break our spouse of this bad habit

A. Hitting the snooze button to many times

Things you Lose

Phone ,money purse, socks, gloves, track of time.

36%of us don’t buy this cleaning item anymore

A..Bar of Soap

In the past year we spent 30 bucks on what


Things associated with St Patty’s day

Number 4 was a Rainbow,

More of this is sold on St Patty’s day than any other day.

A.Green food coloring

45% of people say not to do this on a date

A…Blow your nose

29% of people will do this with their 1400 check

A. .Invest

Men and kids spin this a least once per day.

A.. Loaf of Bread

86% of people under 25 never used on of these?

A… Letter opener

Most of us haven’t replaced this in the kitchen in 10-15 years

A….stove light bulb

Name something men and women take control of..

  1. Money and Vacation

Name something we  heard everyday growing up

A. Busy signal and curfew whistle

We buy this more on Sunday???

A. Breakfast

Things found in the front yard

A. Mulch

Since the pandemic start more men are doing this at home.

A reading a book

61% of us forget this everyday ???

A. Drinking at least 8 glasses of water

Name something you twist

Ankle, arm, the story,

15% of us play this sport

A. horse shoes

73% ask for this at the drive thru

A. No Ice

People over 50 are more likely to do this to their phone ?

A.. Leave the ringer on

Things seen in the old west


28% of us never return this to a friend

A. Travel mug

People wish they could outlaw their neighbors what.

A. Windchimes

Families do this more in late April or early May.

A. Move

We do this now at home more than we did 2 years ago.

A. Walk the Dog

If you you do this for 8-10 mins it will put you in a better mood.

A.. Listen to the birds sing

Mom Has kept this for over 20 years.

A. Hospital ID bracelets

Kids say their Dad should not do this

A. Go Shirtless

Words associated with  Cup

A. Cup cakes

First time you had this to drink you were 14-16.Nowadays it’s between 8-10

A. Cup of Coffee

Name something associated with a bottle of wine.

A. Brown paper bag

60% of women watch this sporting event.

A. The Kentucky Derby

A public place people cry the most at


Name something people did on Memorial day

1.BBQ,2. Put up a Flag 3.went to a grave site,  4.Wore something red white and blue

Parents cringe when their kids do this in public.

A. Burp

Women have his about 3 times during their lifetime.

A. A bad haircut

35% of us miss this from high school on the weekends

A. Washing the car

Name something you do before you kiss someone

1.Brush your teeth

2. gum or a mint

3. close your eyes

4. Tilt your head

5.wet your lips

31% of us forget to clean this

A. Dryer lint

Only 4% of  married couples have this in common

A. High school sweethearts

Sales of this item is up 400%

A. Luggage

Name something you don’t eat on a 1st date

A.. Corn on the cob

Only 21% of people have one in the home but don’t know where it is

A.. Attic

51% of people does while they Shop

A. Sing

26% of folks over 50 eat this everyday?

A. Pie

Name a food with HOT in the title

Hot Dog

Hot sauce

Hot Wings

Hot Pocket

Hot Tamale

Hot Peppers

77% of us will us this on the 4th of July

A.. Bug spray

In the 80’s there was about 100   today there’s over 8000

A. Microbreweries

25% of us have one at work but not at home

A.. Day planner

48% of us do this everyday at home and in the car

A. Talk to themselves

People over 35 do this less with their phone

A. Play Games

Name something you find at a birthday Party

1.Cake and ice cream

2. Candles and hats

3. people singing

4 Goodie Bags