Kool Question Of The Day

15% of us play this sport

A. horse shoes

73% ask for this at the drive thru

A. No Ice

People over 50 are more likely to do this to their phone ?

A.. Leave the ringer on

Things seen in the old west


28% of us never return this to a friend

A. Travel mug

People wish they could outlaw their neighbors what.

A. Windchimes

Families do this more in late April or early May.

A. Move

We do this now at home more than we did 2 years ago.

A. Walk the Dog

If you you do this for 8-10 mins it will put you in a better mood.

A.. Listen to the birds sing

Mom Has kept this for over 20 years.

A. Hospital ID bracelets

Kids say their Dad should not do this

A. Go Shirtless

Words associated with  Cup

A. Cup cakes

First time you had this to drink you were 14-16.Nowadays it’s between 8-10

A. Cup of Coffee

Name something associated with a bottle of wine.

A. Brown paper bag

60% of women watch this sporting event.

A. The Kentucky Derby

A public place people cry the most at


Name something people did on Memorial day

1.BBQ,2. Put up a Flag 3.went to a grave site,  4.Wore something red white and blue

Parents cringe when their kids do this in public.

A. Burp

Women have his about 3 times during their lifetime.

A. A bad haircut

35% of us miss this from high school on the weekends

A. Washing the car

Name something you do before you kiss someone

1.Brush your teeth

2. gum or a mint

3. close your eyes

4. Tilt your head

5.wet your lips

31% of us forget to clean this

A. Dryer lint

Only 4% of  married couples have this in common

A. High school sweethearts

Sales of this item is up 400%

A. Luggage

Name something you don’t eat on a 1st date

A.. Corn on the cob

Only 21% of people have one in the home but don’t know where it is

A.. Attic

51% of people does while they Shop

A. Sing

26% of folks over 50 eat this everyday?

A. Pie

Name a food with HOT in the title

Hot Dog

Hot sauce

Hot Wings

Hot Pocket

Hot Tamale

Hot Peppers

77% of us will us this on the 4th of July

A.. Bug spray

In the 80’s there was about 100   today there’s over 8000

A. Microbreweries

25% of us have one at work but not at home

A.. Day planner

48% of us do this everyday at home and in the car

A. Talk to themselves

People over 35 do this less with their phone

A. Play Games

Name something you find at a birthday Party

1.Cake and ice cream

2. Candles and hats

3. people singing

4 Goodie Bags

Only 29% of buy this

A. Newspaper

27% of us have done this on social media

A.  Looked up a Ex

41% of us like to do this at home

A. wash the dog and get our hair cut

Things that move slowly

  1. Snail
  2. Elderly People
  3. Turtle
  4. D.M.V
  5. Honey

58% of dislike this kind of sandwich

A…Egg salad

73% of with or without kids have this in the Refrigerator

A. Chocolate Milk

Things people do with their dogs

1.Talk to them

2. Kiss

3.Feed them from the table

4. Dress them up

58 of these never get wet.

A Bathing suits

68% of men do this everyday

A. Drive

93% of dads, only 33 % of moms will do this for their kid

A. Pull a loose tooth

Kids do this all the time Parents haven’t done this in 5 years

A. Make new friends

Cheap date places to go

A. High school football game

Only 22 % of men carry this

A.. Comb

38% of bring this home from Vacation

A.. shampoo from the hotel

Thing you got caught doing in school..


2. Talking out loud

3 Passing notes

$. Sticking gum under desk

kids ask for this about 1500 times

A For a pet

This must be served fresh

A. Lettuce

Name something women like to get complimented on

1.Hair and shoes

2. outfit

3. Their Kids

4. New glasses

47% of women say never start a conversation with this word

A.. Howdy

48 % of us cry when we sell this

A..  Our house

22% of us wont share this?

A.. Recipe

Name something people forget to do before leaving home

A. turn out the lights

47% of us eat this as a snack

A. Peanut’s

57%  of us do this every time we go shopping

A. Grab a sales flyer

60% of us have seek help for this

A.. A sleep problem

Thanksgiving will always have one of these

A. A kids table

Name something you pull




4. Rope

Women take 12min to do this. Men under 5min.

A. Get ready for bed

Over 7 million of these are throwing away daily

A.. Pennies

Things associated with being nerdy

  1. flood pants
  2. Taped up glasses
  3. pocket  protector
  4. Suspenders
  5. bow tie

This hit grocery stores for kids in 2000

A. Kids shopping carts

During the lock down 26 % of us learned how to do this

A.. Play Guitar

Worst things to hand out for Halloween

Tooth brush